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Look at the love we made on the track......

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Soul Food

First Single off of "Lost N Found"

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Life is Kinda Like Wack Sex

You should see a title now, but I'll give this one a title when I'm done, or maybe half way through... Whenever the fuckin title comes to me... GOSH! I feel I been a lil seperated from my craft, lately, n its crazy cause anytime I felt seperated from sumthin b4 I made the choice to get away from that shit, this time I aint make no choice and it don't make sense for a nigga like myself who attributes his sanity to his expression via words and shit, to wanna not express himself the best way he can? So WTF. Happened to Hoff? Aint shit happen but shit that been happening, up and downs in and outs, life is kinda like wack sex... Lol, think I found my title. Who agrees wit me tho?? Think about it, at least from that angle, don't be a hard on and say "well there's this and that in life but not in wack sex". First of all, it depends on your personal definition of good or wack sex, and obviously in n out up n down is WACK..... To me! Anyway, as I ask myself this question of what happened to myself, it got scary thinking that I was growing out of it... But nahh, thas not me, I'm too immature to grow outta shit like that, quite frankly. Maybe too much on ur mind gives u no time to indulge in your benevolent vice. At least this blog was a lil start to me gettin back in my groove, even though I was still in it just stuck at the bottom of the valley cause I lost my collection to the train of thought over the hill. Last thought, I wonder if I'll ever let people read the things I wrote to/about/for them, and I wonder if those people I wrote stuff to/about/for think/know/suppose that they are one of those people I wrote to/about/for.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Not Again

Yeah so, its crazy, I don't even got that much to say! A nigga gon hold in what he feeling n prolly just write it the way I usually do, but I won't put too much info on here, though not many people even check it out. But anyway, I got sum good news and sum bad news, the good news is I got accepted into the school I was applying for and everything, the bad news is, there's something missing from the original plan, but that's just a sign from God I believe, we'll see how it goes...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Been experiencing alot, and usually in my pics i choose the not look directly in the camera flow but for this one i chose to let my eyes be seen. if the emotion isnt clear in my face at least the whiteness of my eyes send a message to those who know me bout the changes i've been making. usually a nigga like me would get high and forget about my problems but God has brought a beautiful person into my life who encouraged me to use prayer to balance my mind and remind myself of exactly why things have been the way they are and exactly why i am goign through the things that i am going through. i am so glad i have that person and those people who have been there giving me positive encouragement as well as those who have been negative models of what i do not want to become. ironically enough "...and the rest is gray" is set to drop on the 25th of this month, botu 12 days from now, and its funny how when i'd originally composed the album i was fucked up, then i began doing well and lost motivation and now as i put the finishing touches on it, another "gray" experience arises that motivates me even more to finsih this album with all the substance it was meant to carry and emotion, and for all you who care about me, and respect my music for the inner me it reflects that i do not always show on the surface, it is definitely a project to embrace, as will be the upcoming projects i have begun work on such as the double album "Strung Out/Withdrawal" and "The Devil's Detour" all set to drop in mid and late 2010. if it just so happens that my music becomes so honest that i exploit myself, then let it be a sign to the fans out there of the reality of all of the others out there who we look at in reverence for being seemingly flawless. Cant say i expect anything from the projects i'll be releasing other than satisfaction knowing that i am capable of putting my thoughts in a creative place and not allowing them to put me in the opposite aka a depression. With that being said, i figure i'd give you the track listing for "...and the rest is gray"

I See This Kid (Produced by Kellz)

Psycho (Produced by Darnell Harvey)

I'm Gone ft. GP (Produced by Team Green)

Time 2 Chill ft. EverybodyLovesP (Producer Anonymous)

Take to The Sky (Produced by Team Green)

Gold (Produced by Team Green)

Bad Habits ft. DQ ( Produced by Team Green)

Lookin' for Love (Produced by Team Green)

Intellectual Ladies (Produced by The Synthesis)

Life Goes On (Produced by Kellz)

Dear God, (Produced by Team Green)

Finally (Produced by Kellz)

+ 3 Bonus Tracks including: Hell If I Know(I'm Gone Remix), Home Sweet Home, and Galz Alova De World

"...and the rest is gray" 1/25/2010