Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Life is Kinda Like Wack Sex

You should see a title now, but I'll give this one a title when I'm done, or maybe half way through... Whenever the fuckin title comes to me... GOSH! I feel I been a lil seperated from my craft, lately, n its crazy cause anytime I felt seperated from sumthin b4 I made the choice to get away from that shit, this time I aint make no choice and it don't make sense for a nigga like myself who attributes his sanity to his expression via words and shit, to wanna not express himself the best way he can? So WTF. Happened to Hoff? Aint shit happen but shit that been happening, up and downs in and outs, life is kinda like wack sex... Lol, think I found my title. Who agrees wit me tho?? Think about it, at least from that angle, don't be a hard on and say "well there's this and that in life but not in wack sex". First of all, it depends on your personal definition of good or wack sex, and obviously in n out up n down is WACK..... To me! Anyway, as I ask myself this question of what happened to myself, it got scary thinking that I was growing out of it... But nahh, thas not me, I'm too immature to grow outta shit like that, quite frankly. Maybe too much on ur mind gives u no time to indulge in your benevolent vice. At least this blog was a lil start to me gettin back in my groove, even though I was still in it just stuck at the bottom of the valley cause I lost my collection to the train of thought over the hill. Last thought, I wonder if I'll ever let people read the things I wrote to/about/for them, and I wonder if those people I wrote stuff to/about/for think/know/suppose that they are one of those people I wrote to/about/for.