Saturday, October 10, 2009

Time has come...

So ima be headed to LA in less than 12 hours, n no1 will probably ever read this blog, but I had to spend sum type of quality tyme with my thoughts b4 I go...and I really don't feel like sharing too much but really I don't feel too much of anything, I'm for the most part focused, cuz I got a lot of fun to have and its gon be a challenge having all that fun. Wat else? Hmmm, it wud be nice if I was goin to stay now, but hopefully if all goes well this time and the next times I visit, by next september I will be. The key word in that sentence is STAY, cuz I didn't say LIVE, in other words for a nice lil while, NY is home never forget that...c ya tonite LA!

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